• Chimney Cleanings/Sweeps ensure the proper functionality and can prevent future problems while keeping your home safe. We will always perform a full inspection during the cleaning.  

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  • Chimney (Flue) liners often crack or corrode with age. We always install modern stainless steel liners for optimal functionality and they are guaranteed to last.

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  • Gutters cleanings are needed to remove debris. Once we remove leaves and other obstructions rain water will flow properly.

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  • Long Island Chimney Cleaning & Repairs.

    At Classic Chimney, we're happy to be your number one choice for repair and chimney cleaning in Long Island. With locations in Brooklyn and Nassau County, we've been serving New Yorkers for years, coming to the aid of homeowners and business owners with emergency repairs or for simple routine annual cleanups. Long Island Chimney Cleaning company, Classic Chimney will always perform a full inspection during the cleaning, bearing in mind the safety of your home. Our services include chimney liner replacements and cap installation, chimney rebuild and brick repair. Cleanings or sweeps are recommended on a regular basis to ensure the proper functionality of your chimney and to prevent future problems from occurring. 

    Chimney (Flue) liner repair and maintenance is an important part of our business. Liners often crack or corrode with age and can create hazardous conditions. Cracked tiles and deteriorating masonry can allow harmful gases or even fire to enter your house. The easiest and most cost effective way to repair a chimney is to reline it. We always install modern stainless steel liners for optimal functionality and they are guaranteed to last.

    Chimney caps are essential products that can serve several purposes. Capping a chimney prevents destruction on the inside from elements such as snow and rain. They also keep birds, squirrels and other animals from nesting inside of the chimney or entering your home through the it. A cap also prohibits fire sparks from escaping and landing on the roof. Long Island Chimney Cleaning, Classic Chimney will repair the bricks on your chimney if age and erosion have damaged it. If your chimney is in severe disrepair, it may need to be torn down and rebuilt. Total chimney rebuilds are usually conducted when the chimney is leaning, severe mortar deterioration has occurred or severe brick spalling has set in from the ground up. The outer brick layer of the chimney is torn down and a new crown is added. This option is labor intensive and can be difficult depending upon the layout of your home.

    Classic Chimney will assess your chimney's current condition and provide the best and most affordable options for you to return your home to a safe environment again.

    Contact us today for a free estimate. You can send us an email from the "Contact Us" link here at classicchimneyny